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Empire: Age of Knights is the latest entry in the popular ‘Empire’ series. It casts you as a powerful knight whose job it is to protect their realm from a horde of marauding orcs and other such creatures. The big news today is that Goodgame Studios' latest is now available globally for both iOS and Android.At its core, it’s a fantastical strategy game that challenges you to build, maintain, and defend your ever-expanding territories. Striking out and strategically attacking enemies will net you rewards and some all-important valour, and it sounds like there’s a nice amount of choice involved in deciding how you want to play.For example, you can opt to play as a tradesman, exchanging rare resources and items with other players and merchants through the in-game marketplace. If you’d rather resort to more violent means, you could instead play as an ambitious warlord, crushing your enemies using the full force of your army.The game’s store page mentions a ‘giant interactive world map’ which you can explore for treasure or to uncover new territories. Back at your castle, you can work to construct new buildings and customise the décor to your heart’s content. It sounds like there’s a decent amount of stuff to see and do at launch, and I imagine that list will only grow with time..

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